"Excellence In Early Christian Education"

Sharon Baptist Weekday School in Charlotte, North Carolina provides weekday preschool programs for children ages 6 months through Transitional Kindergarten. Our staff provides an atmosphere of love and care where each child has the opportunity to grow in all aspects of life. We are a school of hands-on learning, ensuring your child explores and experiences all aspects of learning every day.

Sharon Baptist Weekday School is dedicated to the education of the young child and to the further development of parents. We know that all young children are curious and eager to learn. We strive to tap into that natural enthusiasm by, first of all, making sure that the child feels loved and secure. Our teachers are hired for their love of young children, and they are encouraged to show the children that love by offering hugs and verbal affirmation. The teachers and classrooms are also equipped to offer the children age-appropriate toys and activities.

As the children grow older, more emphasis is placed on skills that will help them to be successful in an elementary school environment. Academic concepts are presented in hands-on ways, through the use of play, fun activities, and manipulatives. This helps them to gain confidence in the concrete aspects of skills, preparing them for the more abstract skills of learning to read, write, and perform mathematical tasks that will be emphasized during kindergarten and other early elementary grades.

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