Three Year Olds: We have two 3 year old classes. 3C meets Monday/Wednesday/Friday. 3D meets on Tuesday/Thursday with the option of adding another day or days. Children must be three years old before September 1st to be enrolled in these classes. The ratio is 14:2 for both classes. It would be to the best interest of your child to be potty-trained before school starts.

Four Year Olds: We have two 4 year old classes. Both classes have a three, four or five day option. The ratio of these classes are 14:2. To be in a four year old class, a child must turn four before September 1st.

Transitional Kindergarten: For 5 year olds, we offer a transitional kindergarten class (TK). This class is primarily for children who will have their fifth birthday between April and August, although, if we have openings, we will fill in with children who turn 5 in September and October. It meets Monday through Friday, has a ratio of 14:2 and is popular with parents who are giving their child an extra year to mature before starting kindergarten.