Christmas in Honduras

This holiday season we are thrilled to once again help make the holiday season one of joy, love and hope for the children at New Life Children’s Home in Jalaca, Honduras. Please consider joining us in this ministry as we will be sending a team to hand delivering gifts and much needed financial support to this home in December.

Why Honduras? In 2001, Sharon Baptist’s Associate Pastor, Joe Lanman, helped build this orphanage. The Lanman's and Sharon Baptist Church have continued their relationship with New Life over the years and the children have grown up with us! We love these children!

What is New Life Children’s Home? A Christian home where 39 children who have been removed from their families due to abuse, neglect or death are able to live. More importantly, they are taught the love of Christ, provided an education and grow up surrounded by “family”. The children pour out love in everything they do. This home is supported entirely by the generous donations from individuals and churches. It is truly a small “mom & pop” organization started by a retired couple from Texas. Now, their children, Ron & Annette Theisen, have dedicated their lives to raising these sweet, loving children.

What we do? Each Christmas season, we ask the kids for special items they wish for and with the help of many individuals just like yourself (Sharon Baptist Weekday School families, church parishioners, neighbors and friends), we provide a blessed Christmas morning for the children. For some of these kids, these are the only new items they receive all year. The children look forward to this all year long because they never get new clothing, art supplies, musical instruments or toys - things we often take for granted. This opportunity can be one that your children participate in and are able to follow the story of giving - selecting the gifts, sending hand written letters and photos down, seeing a video of the children opening their gifts and hearing their “Thank You” personally. Perhaps God is even calling you to be a part of the team that delivers these gifts!

How can I participate? We have a few different options for participating. 1) Sign up for a child’s wishlist and purchase gifts for that child to be delivered in December. We recognize these are "wish"lists and not all items are expected to be purchased. We anticipate the total to be in the $150-200 range (you can sign up with another family if you’d like), 2) make a donation to an experience gift that will provide the child with an opportunity to do something fun such as a visit to an amusement park, movie theatre or zoo, and 3) make a donation to a ministry need at the Children’s Home such as medicine, shampoo or school supplies. All gifts are Tax Deductible!  

Click here to sign up!