Our goal is to create a passionate and intentional environment to worship and honor God while sharing our love of Christ with each other and the community. Worship is not only an opportunity for us to praise God but also to learn and grow by studying His Word. As the Bible provides the foundation to comprehend God’s direction for our lives, our weekly sermons focus on helping members and visitors to better understand His Word and its meaning.

Casual Service - 9:45am

The Casual Service is both casual and not casual at the same time! Stay with me here. It's casual because it's less formal in our approach to liturgy. With a full band leading worship, the music style is often more contemporary. This creates a more "casual" atmosphere. However, it's "not casual" because we seek authentic worship. In other words, it is not a lazy person's worship. We are not driven by an emotional appeal, but by a desire to humble ourselves before the Lord.

Traditional Service - 11:00am

The Traditional Service is a slightly more formal setting with recognizable elements such as a call to worship, an offertory, a sermon, and a invitation. These elements are more formally marked out during the service creating a more traditional style of worship. Musically, it has a blended style of upbeat Christian choruses and traditional hymns led by a mix of vocal groups including a choir. Both of our services are focused on holding high the Word of God. Therefore, preaching is a central component in both.